Use Facil-ITy reports to review your data on a regular basis to make better decisions for your company’s future growth. 

Our various reports allow you to effectively manage the workload as well as streamlining of management flow. They provide you with more decision making information, including which client needs immediate attention in order to maintain client retention.

Reports for the following categories can be generated: 

  • Orders 

  • Invoices 

  • Vendors 

  • Locations 

  • Clients 

  • Vendor Invoice 

  • Management 

On-Demand Reports

When you run an on-demand report, you can specify the parameter values to use; the report is then formatted using the existing data captured using various components of the system. Facil-ITy provides various reports for different types of users based on their privileges. Information captured is then streamlined and available to you for evaluation of performance and productivity. 


Companies can save time and money, and get exceptional summary visibility of their data. 

Facil-ITy provides the most up to date data with a live connection to your information and gets automatic updates based on a schedule setting.

Facil-ITy dashboard includes critical information with key indicators by combining multiple views of the information gathered to get richer insight. Dashboard combines a collection of reports, charts and web content onto a single screen all from within your application. 

Automated Reports

Companies can pre-define the report parameters and Facil-ITY can deliver the report based on the configurations. Various options are available to automate the report generation and receive reports without directly accessing the system. Automated reports enables your team to keep tasks organized and streamlined.

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