An email is automatically sent to vendors 30 days before their insurance expires, and continues to go out until the expiration date of that particular compliance record has been updated.  This information is also indicated on any checks sent to the vendor while his insurance is due to expire, or has already expired.

Paperwork Reminder

Status's defined by management can be setup and defined as paperwork reminder statuses.  The vendors assigned to the work orders in those defined status will receive an email notification on a scheduled frequency to send in their proof of service as soon as possible.


  • Triggered notifications can be configured based off any given status.  Changing to the given status will in turn, trigger a notification to a work order manager, client, vendor, or an email address specified.

  • Scheduled notifications can also be configured to go out based off a threshold.  Instead of the notification being triggered immediately, users can set up an allotted amount of time to pass before the notification is sent.

  • Dispatch notifications can also be helpful.  They are similar to scheduled notifications, but can be setup based of the onsite date of a work order rather then the moment the status changes.


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Vendor Portal

When a vendor adds a note, document, or reschedules a work order an email is automatically sent to an email address on file.

Client Portal

When a client adds a new work order via the client portal, an email is automatically sent to the work order manager, as well as an email address on file.  An email is also sent when a note or document is added to a work order.

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