Mobile Technology

Technician App

Our Technician App allows techs to view open work orders assigned to them.  When on the job, a technician can use the app to add parts, or check in and check out via IVR which will capture and upload GPS coordinates.  Photos can be taken from within the app, which are then uploaded directly to the back-office site in real-time.  The app also allows the technician to capture a store managers signature as proof of service, the signature can then be transposed onto a signoff sheet from the back-office site.


Blackout Mode

A common issue with standard mobile apps is that when the application attempts to send data up to the server without a solid internet connection, the application will continue to load until a connection is reestablished.  With our application, if the technician knows they will be servicing an area with spotty connectivity, they can disable the apps connectivity to the internet from within the app.  The technician can then continue to work as usual, taking photos, checking in and out, and the app will store all the data locally on the phone for the time being.  Then once the technician has left job and is once again in an area with good connectivity, they can reestablish their connection to the internet which will upload all the data stored on the locally on the phone.

Client/Location App

Our Client App allows for full client access, regional access, or location specific access.  Clients can create work requests directly from the within application.  Once a request is entered, the work order manager will receive an email notification, and the request will appear as a new work order in the back-office site.

No need for a computer when store managers have a login to the mobile app.

Tablet App

Rapid growth in the tablet market is being driven by the demands of today’s mobile society. Consumers and enterprises alike are seeking real-time, on-demand access to content, the internet, computing and communication tools, and applications (apps). The tablet has emerged as the perfect device to provide access to these features and work along with the Facil-ITy phone application.

Often used by field managers, a user can submit client specific surveys, take photos, and report back to the main office in real time.

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