Third Party Integrations

The Facil-ITy technology platform is extremely extensible and is designed to easily communicate to a variety of software systems. 

Other systems can easily integrate with Facil-ITy using various latest technologies such as XML, JSON etc.

Email Parsing

Email parsing is another way of gathering data from 3rd party technologies when a two-way integration isn't offered by the 3rd party.  So long as the email requests come over in a standardized format, the email parsing engine will parse fields within the email request and  and map them to fields within Facil-IT.

Emails Go In

Work Orders Come Out

When an email request is sent, it is then automatically forwarded to an email address that we specify.  Once the email is received, Facil-IT gathers data from predefined fields within the email request and creates a new work order in your system saving your team time from keying in hundreds of work orders.

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