Core Technologies

Work Orders can be generated through a variety of methods within our technology solutions.

The Facil-ITy mobile app provides data communication from sub-contractors in the field to the corporate office.

Other systems can easily integrate with Facil-ITy using a variety of the latest technologies.

Maps make it easy to visualize where services are being done as well as how close in proximity vendors are to client locations.

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Using web portals for both clients and vendors, the Facil-ITy system can be accessed via the Internet.

Facil-ITy quality assurance helps to highlight areas that need more attention in the future.

Vendors are automatically notified if work order paperwork is not received within prescribed times.

Know the weather before you schedule a service.

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Notifications serve as reminders for time-sensitive information regarding work orders.

Interactive Voice Response is a technology that automates interactions with standard telephone systems.

Use Facil-ITy reports to review your data in order to make better decisions for your company’s future.

Utilize a calendar view of services with drag and drop capabilities.

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